Use our 2022 Casino Blacklist to protect yourself against gambling scams online

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There are hundreds of casinos online. Many thousands Each is eager to take your deposit.
But… not every casino is so keen on giving your money back.

Or, to follow their own terms.

Or to offer fair games.

Or, to pay their affiliates.

These casinos—rogue casinos or scam casinos—are exactly the kinds you want to avoid.
Unfortunately, they run rampant online and represent most of the choices you have.
So the question then becomes: how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? The good guys
or the bad guys?

How the hell do you know which casinos you can safely join and which ones to avoid like the

It’s not easy… or even foolproof… but one way to do it is by referencing a blacklist.
A blacklist is a list of rogue casinos. They were added to these lists because customers
complained about how they were mistreated or stolen—with evidence.

So we’ve listed the bad guys for everyone to see… and to make sure no one ever joins one of
these shady casinos in the future.

Reasons for our blacklisting of online casinos

First of all, let me say that there is no universal blacklist. You won’t find the same casinos on
every blacklist you come across online.
There should be, though, as it’s hard to deny when a casino or company has cheated its
But there isn’t. Each website compiles its own list with its own biases, experiences, research,
and resources.

While each list may be different, the reasons for adding a casino to the list are often the same.

It’s because the casino pulled one of the following pranks.
Common Shenanigans Casino Scams
In random order…
Unfair Games
To be fair, all games should be random. A scam casino will rip off their games and/or change
them in such a way that they get an advantage (on top of the advantage that these games
already give casinos).

A scam casino may also modify their free practise games to favour players and encourage
them to play the less “fair” paid games.


For whatever reason, the casino will not pay a player his or her winnings. Now there are
legitimate reasons why a player is not paid, for example, because he cheated, abused offers or
failed to meet the conditions of a bonus offer.

But a rogue casino will use these reasons as an excuse, even if there is no proof that the
player is wrong. Instead, they accuse the player of quitting, and hopefully bore the player into
playing or taking another bonus, so they won’t be able to cash out.
Non-payment also applies to marketing partners, such as affiliates. Think about it: if the
casino can’t or won’t pay the affiliates, how long do you think they will continue to pay their

Pay slowly. just

like not paying. A shady casino will take weeks, months, or even years to refund players,
either because they don’t have the cash flow (which is scary) or because they want to
encourage the player to keep playing or take a bonus so she won’t cash out. Both are rogue.
Meanwhile, players get the runaround, partial payments, and/or bouncing checks.

Predatory conditions

These are casinos that have excessive terms such as 50x or 100x bonus rollover requirements,
a limit on how much money you can win with your bonus (a max value of x times the initial
deposit amount), a limit on how much you can wager per round, or a prohibition on playing
games such as progressive jackpots while using the bonus.

This can also be shady tactics, such as trying to get a player to sign up for a bonus or
promotion while trying to resolve a conflict regarding the player’s wish to cash out. They
don’t think the player is legit, but they still offer him bonuses. The reason is to hold the player
on an offer that forces him to play (and lose) more instead of cashing out.
Change conditions
One of the sneakiest things rogue casinos do is change their terms on the fly, if necessary.
They will do this if they have a dispute with a player about something. They say the player
did something wrong, but didn’t actually do it. They will change the terms to support their
argument. But if you look at the archives, you can see that the terms have recently changed
from taking sides with the player to taking sides with the casino.

marketing spam

Marketing is what we do (check this website). However, we don’t think it’s right to spam
players, forums, or websites, which many shady casinos do to gain new customers.

Licenses and Regulations

When the casino says they are licenced but they aren’t. Or, when they are in an area that is lax
on regulations, allowing them to get away with shenanigans.

It’s bad for players because they are slow to be supported or don’t exist. When they verbally
threaten players,

This is far from a complete list. You will see more examples of shady behaviour in the
following sections and in every reason for the casinos on our blacklist. But these are the most
common problems, and there’s a lot of overlap too.

How do you know when a casino is blacklisted?

One thing you’re sure to discover-and hopefully not the hard way-is that there are many
casinos that deserve to be blacklisted but are not. Or they are newcomers.
This sucks because you could seriously burn yourself if you don’t see them coming before it’s
too late.

We can help you avoid that. The best way to do that is to pay attention to these signals. If you
see them, avoid the casino or get off the ship before they crash.

Keep in mind that Some

of these are reruns of the last section. The difference lies in how a soon-to-be rogue casino
transitions from one seemingly fine casino to the next rogue property.

Pays slowly

The difference here is that the casino has had no previous problems paying its players. All
players received their payments within a few days, or even a few weeks.

But then, slowly, the payments started to take longer. Over the course of a few weeks or
months, there are more and more delays. The delays got longer. And the casino has nothing
but excuses.
Please note that deferred payments do not mean that a casino is rogue. It happens to every
casino from time to time. It is the frequency of delayed payments and the combination of
players getting the tip that usually indicates that things are turning out for the worst.
Affiliates are not compensated.

Affiliates are third parties who perform marketing tasks on behalf of the casino. This is done
at your own expense in exchange for a commission.

Unfortunately, affiliates are the first to be hunted by a scam casino when the casino gets into
trouble or decides to join the dark side.

Another way that rogue casinos cheat affiliates is by amending their terms and conditions so
that affiliates don’t get paid for past campaigns that were once on rev-share (when the affiliate
receives an ongoing commission for a player they bring to the casino). sent for the player’s

An example of this is when Bwin Casino changes its terms and conditions. By doing so, they
reduce the commissions they originally agreed to pay to affiliates retroactively.They saved
hundreds of thousands in ongoing commissions, but lost the trust they had with their partners.
Bid too high or too low.

If the casino is offering huge games or huge bonuses (or both) that are just unheard of – we’re
talking $5,000 here and $10,000 there – that’s a sign that you should avoid them. Look at all
the legit casinos and you will find that most of the offers are $500, $1000, or maybe $2000.
There is something strange about a (new) casino that offers 5 or 10 times as much.

If you look at the casinos on our blacklist, you’ll find that’s one of the things they have in
common. Like Loco Panda with their 400% deposit bonus of $4,000.

No to keeping separate accounts

Another warning sign is when you hear that a casino does not keep players’ money separate
from their other money. In other words, a casino should not pay their bills (or even other
players’) with your money. That means they don’t have (good) cash flow, a huge warning sign
that they are unstable.


Another sign that things can go wrong is where the casino is located; that determines who
handles their licencing and regulations. Each location has its own rules, and some are more
lax than others. A good example of a lax jurisdiction is Costa Rica.
Due to the lack of specific online gambling laws in Costa Rica, it is relatively easy for an
operator to settle in the jurisdiction. A data processing licence is required; the requirements
for this include having a physical office in Costa Rica. There are authorised consultants in the
region who can assist in obtaining such a permit.
An internet gaming licence has been introduced since a large number of gambling sites are
located in Costa Rica. This licence is still not strictly required to provide online gambling
services in the region, although most sites apply for it anyway. However, there is no real
regulation, so online gambling operators in Costa Rica have a lot more freedom in what they
can and cannot do.

Those are some of the key indicators that something could be or could go wrong in the future.
You can also do a little sleuthing to see if there’s anything you can discover about a casino
before giving them your credit card information.

For instance,
  • Search Google. Use phrases like “casino name scam” or “casino name
    complaints.” Read through the results. Is something sticking out? What do
    other players say about them?
  • Find watchdog sites. The same idea applies. Read through their articles,
    posts, and reviews. What do they say about the casinos on your list?
  • Check for a license. Is the casino licensed? Check the licensor’s website to
    make sure it’s legit.
  • Check with the accounting firm. Have the casino games been tested?
    Check out the accountant’s website. They often post who they checked,
    when they checked, and what the results were.
  • Check for predator terms. Read the terms and conditions of the casino.
    You can learn a lot from what you find. Are the bonus conditions
    reasonable? Are their payout rules in order? What about their game limits?
  • Use forums. Forums provide legitimate, first-hand knowledge about a
    casino or company. You’ll be the first to know about delayed or unpaid
    payments, unfair games, poor support, and shoddy business practices.

The bottom line is that you should actively look for reasons NOT to join a casino. Examine
every detail. That’s the only way to make an informed decision about which casino to play at.
And if you don’t find anything,

Then use our blacklist as the last filter. If the casino passes your background check AND
doesn’t have a coveted spot on our blacklist, then you may have a winner on your hands.
Conclusion: Do your homework, starting with this list.

Okay, now it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for: our blacklist of rogue casinos.
But before we get into that, let me answer two common questions we get about casino


casinos ever get off the blacklist?
It happens, sure. But getting rid of a blacklist is nothing but getting out of timeout. It takes
more than a week or two of good effort.

A previously blacklisted casino must demonstrate that they have changed their shady ways
over an extended period of time. They don’t steal from players anymore. Their games are fair.
They do things by the book.

Many rogue casinos have stolen money. Reimbursement of players is therefore also

I don’t know of any casinos that were once rogue and are now worth playing even after being
blacklisted. But that also speaks volumes about the number of rogue casinos that have been
blacklisted… not much at all.

Does one bad casino or group mean the others are bad too?
No, it doesn’t, although that’s the norm.
An example is some of the casinos run by Deckmedia (Box24 Casino, Black Diamond
Casino, and Spartan Slots).
From my understanding, they have run their casino responsibly for a number of years. They
are the only casinos using TopGame software that recommends legit rating portals.

Now that those questions have been answered, let’s move on to our blacklist. We have listed
the companies below along with all the casinos that have operated them. Be sure to bookmark
this page as we will update it with new and/or removed casinos.

Various issues, including unethical marketing, slow payments, invalidation of profits on
minor T/C violations, and illegal hacking of blogs to include their ads, Oh, and software
piracy (piracy games).
  • Atlantic Casino
  • Blue Casino
  • Bordeaux Casino
  • Cosmik Casino
  • Crazy Casino
  • Deuce Club Casino
  • Casino Euro Moon
  • Casino Madame Luck
  • OceanBets Casino
  • Osiris Casino
  • Park Lane Casino
  • Ramses Gold Casino.
  • Slots500 Casino
  • Triumph Casino
Bad casino practices More specifically, failing to honour a Happy Hour bonus promotion
when they made a mistake and players took advantage of it. Betfair confiscated players’
winnings and refused to return them, saying it was the right thing to do if they made the
for encouraging their own customers to spam casinos and gambling-related sites. Later, they
made it a condition of getting their winnings paid out (by spamming to get paid). According
to their T/Cs, In order to clear up any doubts from players, the winnings can only be received
on one condition: the winners must make a publication about their win in the BetVoyager
tournament. CASISO
12 didn’t
‘t pay players when they ran out of money. However, they remained open and accepted
deposits from players who didn’t know any better.
Curgam Group
Spam players repeatedly via email ignored customer requests and flatly refused to pay
players. still in operation today.
  • Slot Machines
  • Mighty Slots
  • Lots of jackpots
  • Genuine Vegas OnlineLock
  • Luv
  • slotted nuts
  • Slots Inferno
Casinos by Cyberrock Entertainment NV
Players frequently complain about non-payment, slow payments, and a lack of
support.Predatory terms, including the limitation of cashing out 10x your deposit if you
deposit less than $250 (even if you don’t claim a bonus).
  • twenty-first.Grand Casino
  • Casino I did.
  • CrazyWinners Casino
  • Euro Fortune Casino
  • EZ Scratch
  • Play2Win Casino
  • rockbet
  • Slots Jackpot Casino
  • SupremePlay Casino
  • Tradition Casino
  • Casino Vegas DaysFutureBet Casinos
    Never pay licensees, players, or affiliates.
  • Big Daddy’s Casino
  • Doms Casino
  • Empire Casino
  • RioParty Casino
  • The US Star Casino
  • 300 chips
  • Ace City
  • Amco Poker
  • average Joe Poker
  • Touchstone Gaming
  • Vegas 24,
  • Poker at the Beach
  • Don Poker
  • Poker at Home
  • Duke’s Palace
  • Jack Daddy’s Poker
  • Poker at Lucky River
  • Maya Gaming
  • Open table poker
  • stage poker
  • Xtreme Bluff Poker Syndicate
  • Do you want my poker? Poker Dealer
  • Online gaming celebrity
  • Poker with Stinky Fish
They installed malware and changed hosts in order to prevent other casino
domains from being accessed.

A few are still in operation. Locked player accounts, declined winnings, and customer service
were nowhere to be found.
  • BlackJack Club
  • Commodore Casino
  • Pink Lady Casino, Pink Lady Casino, Pink Lady Casino, Pink Lady Casino,
  • Pink Lady Casino, Pink
  • Traditional Video PokerCasino
  • 707 Casino
  • Following a shift at a casino
  • Every poker game
  • Excellent video poker
  • Casino 3X
  • ALhambra Casino
  • Casino Freedom
  • big casino
  • Big Slot Machines
  • Casino Max Slots
  • Casino Italy Casino
  • Las Vegas Melocasino Poker
  • Visit the 4 Millions Casino.
  • Casino Golden Balls
  • Casino Golden Star
  • It’s Las Vegas. Baby Casino
  • Cesar games
  • K2 Casin
  • Online Casino Lady Luck
  • Lucky Gate Casino is
  • Casino Magical in Las Vegas
  • Maximus Casino
  • Mickey’s Club Casino
  • Mr. Casino
  • Oceans Casino Online
  • Online Casino Fever
  • Pure Slots Casino is
  • Casino Rich Club
  • Rockland Casino
  • Sizzling Royal City Casino
  • slots
  • Casino Slots Express
  • video poker parlour

Gold Mine winners
Spammed forums by impersonating a lucky player. They also scammed games and content.
Something that their licence rights could not supervise, notice, or manage.

used to be a solid group of casinos that would happily recommend blogs and forums.
However, between delayed payments, small payouts, and delays, and being closed-disable It‘s a good idea to never join any of their sites. They opened a new casino, Liberty Bell Casino,
in 2015 without taking care of their previous problems. However, someone confirmed that it
is them (who are still operating under the name Isagro Holdings) via their Skrill account.

  • Cherry Red Casino: Cherry Red Casino, Cherry Red Casino, Cherry Red
    Casino, Cherry Red Casino, Cherry
  • Liberty Bell Casino,
  • Casino Pure Vegas
  • Rushmore Casino
  • Slots oasis

Casio Lock The money was
seized by a payment processor, preventing them from paying players. Payments are slow and
rare, if anyone is being paid at all. Many players traded or sold their money as low as 0.33
cents on the dollar. Some players waited over a year to get paid while the casino/poker room
was still accepting new players and taking lavish outings.
It has a Lucky 18 Casino.
a reputation for not paying players. The owner was arrested in Israel in 2009 and charged
with providing an illegal gambling site to residents. The site closed in early 2011, but appears
to be working again while using TopGame software.

American players. It pays slowly (in increments of only $500). locking players up to 90 days
for “verifications”, then offering only $500 and a deposit bonus. And if you wait 90 days,
you’ll also be told that your payout has been declined because you haven’t played at the
casino lately. The owners were arrested in July 2015 for fraud and hacking.

  • Begado Casino
  • Casino Titan
  • Casino Golden Cherry
  • Macau Grand Casino
  • Jackpot Grand Casino
  • Slot Machines Jungle Casino
  • Slots of Fortune
  • WinPalace Casino:
  • WinPalacePlay

Opera Costa Rica’s casinos are not licensed.
Running pirated software Most games are probably not fair or random at all. Slow or no
payout to winners.

  • Always a cool casino.
  • BetDNA
  • Moneystorm Casino

Indulge Casino
Limiting payouts on progressive winnings using predatory terms
Casinos limit how much you can cash out on huge winnings, which is crazy considering how
long it can take to cash out everything.

Here’s a good example of this: A player won $4.1 million at Joyland Casino in 2009. She
found that she could only get $9,000 a month, meaning it would take 39 years to get
everything paid out.

When she told the casino she was upset, they asked her (encouraged her) if she would be
interested in taking just half, which would be paid immediately with a 60k rollover. She
eventually took the deal.

The casino was holding $2 million in cash that didn’t belong to them (it came from player

Many casinos have these conditions.

  • 7Regal Casino
  • 21New
  • 50Stars Casino
  • African Palace Casino
  • bwin
  • Carnival Casino
  • Casino Bellini
  • Rio Casino
have proudly published a huge Beach Life slots jackpot winner. But they stopped making the
agreed payments. When the player asked about the payments, she was ignored and was later
told outright that she didn’t get a cent more.
They said, “Listen, I don’t like your attitude. You won’t get a cent more of your money. And
you can go to the papers, and you can go to your lawyers, because we are a foreign company
and they can’t hurt us. “
  • Casino African Palace
  • The Grand Reef Casino

Indian casino
Revenue Jet Casinos
are affiliated with the Winpalace Group. They target American players. They are delaying
payouts and have started using stalwart tactics under the “security procedures” rationale.
It was later discovered that these guys are also connected to Affactive. They went offline at
around the same time.

Elegant Coin Casino
Crazy Panda Casino
Grand Parker Casino
Onbling Casino

Sorila Commercial Casinos recruited
black-hat webmasters to advertise their casino in 2008. In the end, the players’ inboxes were
filled with spam and malware. It appears that this outfit has bought stolen databases of
personal information from other casinos. Other issues include not getting paid, credit cards
being billed twice, and threats against players who complained.

Casino Golden VIP Club
Casino Golden Gate
Common complaints from players about slow or even non-payment of legitimate winnings

Casino Fortune
Goldgate Casino
Mapu Casino
Mapau Bingo
Miami Beach casino poker showIt refuses to process casino transaction

to pay players without explanation. Their affiliate programme stopped paying affiliates and
Massive Las Vegas Casino
Casino Royal Dice
Sierra Star Casino (Sierra Star):
Nuts Poker

variety of issues, including payments stuck, support ignoring players, and payments made
after being harassed. Low weekly withdrawal limits

21 dukes
Casino 50 States
7 Roles, 7
Aztec Casino
Casino Black Lights
Casino crystal
Casino Manecasino
DiamondVIP Casino Casino Casino Casino States
Diceland Casino
Casino Golden Vegas
Mayflower Casino
Mona Casino
Money Casino
Casino Planet 23
Rialto Casino
Rich casino
The Royal Kings Casino
Casino Silver Bets
Thebes Casino
Winward Casino
Vegas Casino twenty-first.
Yes, we can Casino

PHP-based casino software that allows operators to cheat by setting different payouts for the
real and fun play modes. It also allows operators to deposit a certain percentage of each bet so
that it cannot be withdrawn.
Wager21 Casinos
Games are set to be looser in play/free mode to trick people into depositing after they win.
Even their T/Cs say it:

Do the free games pay the same as real ones?
Our free games are programmed for fun and give higher payouts.

casino gold gambling
Casino Lady Dream:
Vegas Casino Players

Additional rogue casinos that work with fake games

There has been an increase in sketchy, unlicensed casinos playing fake games that have been
illegally copied (read: stolen) by software companies such as Net Entertainment, Playtech,
and Novomatic.

Many of these casinos only accept bitcoin and target Russian-speaking markets.


Casino Atlanta
Casino Girl
Twist Casino
You should avoid these casinos simply because they are unethical—they steal from other
companies. But more than that, since their games are illegal and the random number
generator on the backend has been replaced, you will be cheated if you play these games.
Tired of being scammed? View our recommendations.
Online casino scams are worthless, but just because a casino isn’t on this list doesn’t mean it’s
safe.That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and tested hundreds of online casinos to
find the most reliable ones.Below you will find not only the safest but also the best online casinos in general.