Craps Game Guide

There is little argument that craps tops the list of the most energetic and most exciting casino games ever created. With a bit of luck, tables are often full of cheering and energetic players hoping to make it big.

Although it is one of the best games in the casino and everyone should enjoy it, many people are shy when it comes to playing the game. This is typical because they assume the game is too confusing to understand.

If this is you, or if you’re someone who’s played before but is a little rusty, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to walk you through every nuance of the game. You’ll be a master at the craps tables and teaching your friends in no time!

Why play Craps?

Any time a game is as popular worldwide as craps, there must be a reason why. It’s clear to see that craps isn’t going anywhere for a long time as customers keep coming back. Here are just some of the reasons the game has become so popular and why you should give it a try.

10/10 on the excitement and fun scale.

If you’ve ever been within about 100 feet of a craps table, you know there’s something different about this game. People usually cheer loudly, high-five, and immerse themselves in the action. Whether you’re playing in the casino with other customers or playing online at home, the game is fast-paced and full of fun. It’s hard to say what makes this game so much fun, but if we had to guess, it’s probably a combination of the fast pace, abundance of betting options, and the ability to win big with one roll of the dice.

There are a plethora of ways to play.

Unlike some of the simpler casino games, craps has a lot of different ways to bet. Whether you bet a small bet or a lot of big bets, everyone is involved in the action with every roll of the dice. With so many different ways to play, you can experiment and find the best bet for you. These can be different from what other players like, which makes the game all the more interesting. You will never get bored with the many different ways to bet on craps.

Craps offers a few bets with no house edge.

This is a biggie. There are some easy bets available in craps, where the casino advantage is 0%! This means that they will not make any money from your bet in the long run. This is the only place in the casino where you will ever see this. Does this mean you have an edge to win? Still not, but these are the best odds you’ll ever get in a casino.

Team spirit and camaraderie

This advantage is usually aimed specifically at playing live in the casino. Due to the way the game is structured, most table bets aim to achieve the same goal. This means that most players at the table hope the same happens and they all win if the same numbers are rolled. You can imagine the excitement when one of those numbers gets rolled and the whole table gets paid!

playing crap

In its simplest terms, craps is a game where you can place various bets on the outcome of two dice thrown by a player. It seems easy, right? There’s a little more to it. However, we will walk you through it slowly. Once you understand the general concept of the game, all the details fall into place nicely.The game begins with the dice thrower, also known as the shooter, rolling the dice to establish what is known as the point. Once this point number is established, the dice thrower will continue to roll the dice and attempt to roll the same number again before rolling a 7.Here are the three outcomes that can happen on a throw after the point has been established:

  • If the shooter reaches the point number, most players will win, and the game will be reset and start over.
  • If the shooter rolls a 7, most players lose, and the game is reset and started over.
  • If the shooter rolls any other number, they roll over and over until one of the above two things happens.

This is, of course, an oversimplified representation of how the game is played, but once you understand this, you can start assembling the other pieces. The parts we’ve left out of our explanation are that there are betting options for the roll to establish the point (known as the come-out roll), bets that take place between rolls, as well as betting options where you can “against” the other players, effectively betting with the house. This is why we said above that most players, not all, will win when the point number is rerolled.Typically, players will also bet on the other numbers besides 7 and the point and will be paid every time those numbers are rolled before the 7. As you can see, the more throws without rolling a 7 after the point is established, the more money people make.The shooter also rotates around the table so that each player has the option to roll the dice. It’s a lot of fun, but can feel like a lot of pressure at times. You are never forced to be the shooter and can happily pass the roll, or the roll, to the next player.Once this general idea of the game is clear to you, we encourage you to read our full overview of how the game is played.

Different types of craps bets

The complexity of craps isn’t really in how the game is played. If you read our description above, that’s pretty much all there is to the flow of the game. Where the game gets complex is with the different betting options. Get your capitals on and buckle up, because we’re about to dive right into the craps betting options. By the time you finish reading this section, you should have a good understanding of the different ways to bet and how they fit well into the flow of the game.

Bets on the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line

The most basic bet in the game of craps is the pass line bet. Typically, casinos require you to place at least the minimum bet on the pass line if you are the shooter. It is optional for other players, but we recommend starting with this bet for beginners. You will also find that most seasoned players are very fond of this bet.

There is a large ring that goes around the table that says “Pass Line.” If you suspect you’re placing your bet here, you’re a smart cookie. You place your bet here and the shooter then fires the dice for the come-out roll. A few things can happen depending on how they roll:

  • If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, you will automatically win on this bet.
  • If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or a 12, you will automatically lose on this bet and the game will start again.
  • If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the point and your bet remains on the table. After this, if a 7 is rolled, you lose on this bet. If the point is rolled, you win with this bet.

The opposite bet on the pass line is, of course, the “don’t pass line bet.” This bet is commonly called “house betting” or “several other four-letter words that we won’t share here. Basically, this bet wins when most of the other players betting on the pass line and other point bets lose. Here’s what happens with this come-out roll bet:

  • If the shooter rolls a 2 or a 3, you will automatically win on this bet.
  • If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11, you will automatically lose on this bet.
  • If the shooter rolls a 12, the bet is a push.
  • If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes the point and your bet remains on the table. After this, if a 7 is rolled, you win with this bet. If the point is rolled, you lose on this bet.

Come and don’t come betting.

These bets are quite similar to pass line and don’t pass bets, except they are made after the come-out roll and the point is established. You can bet on any of these areas anytime between throws when a point is established. Here’s what happens with a come bet based on what the shooter rolls:

  • If the first roll after placing your bet is a 7 or an 11, you win your bet.
  • If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, you lose your bet.
  • If ANY other number is rolled, your bet remains on the table and that number is that particular “point” of the bet. After this is done, you will lose this bet if a 7 is rolled. If the “point” of that particular bet is rolled, you win that bet.

The “Don’t Come” bet is in fact the opposite of the “Come” bet. You can place this bet at any time between the throws in which a point is established. Here’s what happens to a Don’t Come bet based on what the shooter rolls:

  • If the first roll after placing your Don’t Come bet is a 7 or an 11, you lose this bet.
  • If a 2 or 3 is rolled, you win this bet.
  • If ANY other number is rolled, your bet remains on the table and that number is that particular “point” of the bet. After this is done, you will win this bet if a 7 is rolled. If the “point” of that particular bet is rolled, you lose this bet.

Odds Bets

Remember those bets we talked about with no house edge? You have found your way to them. These are bets made after the point has been established and are essentially extensions of the four bets we mentioned (Pass Line, Don’t Pass Line, Come Bet, Don’t Come Bet). These bets follow the same win and lose rules as the bets they accompany. For example, if you place an odds bet on your pass line bet, your odds bet will win when your pass line bet wins and you will lose when it loses. The same goes for the other three bets.The biggest advantage of this bet is that it pays out with real odds. This means that the casino has a 0% advantage on this bet and will not make or lose money on it in the long run. This is the best bet you will ever get in a casino!Since the payouts for these bets are based on the probability that the number is hard to hit, the payouts will differ based on which number it is. We know this was quite a mouthful, so let’s try to rephrase it in simpler terms. In other words, there are fewer ways to roll a 4 or a 10 than there are ways to roll a 6 or an 8. It pays a little less every time you throw one.

Payouts for passes and comes

These bets are commonly referred to as’ taking the odds’.

Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Payouts

These bets are commonly referred to as “setting the odds”. Since the casino has absolutely no edge on this bet, they limit the amount you can wager. Casinos will vary in the amount they allow you to take odds bets, but the most common are what are called 3–4x odds. This means that the maximum amount you can bet on an even bet depends on the number. These bet maximums are the same for the “don’t pass” or “don’t come odds”. It’s important to point out that you don’t have to bet that much; it’s just the maximum you can bet. Also, some casinos will allow higher wagering amounts here, so just pay attention to what’s on the table live or online.These are just a few of the most popular bets when it comes to playing craps. Understanding these bets will give you enough knowledge to play the game comfortably. Because these are just some of the betting options, we’ve made a comprehensive overview of all the other betting options available to you. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you keep these bets for now. If you’ve played before, feel free to learn some of the more obscure bets offered by the casinos.

Craps strategy

Because there are so many different betting options, you can imagine that there are just as many strategies for playing craps. While none of these strategies will give you an edge over the casino, many of them are great starting points for simplifying the game and making it much more fun for newer players. These strategies can also help you avoid the “sucker bets” and focus more on the bets where you have the best chance of winning.

Let’s go through one strategy that aims to help you take advantage of no house edge bets while not getting too confused about what’s going on. If you’re a beginner, you might enjoy reading this strategy walkthrough, as it shows how the game is played and gives examples of the bets we talked about earlier. It’s also a great strategy to use and has been touted by many as the optimal way to play craps.

The best way to learn this strategy is to watch a sample game step-by-step. If we had to put into words what we wanted to do, we’re going to make a pass line bet, take our chances, and then place bets until we get odds on two extra numbers. Don’t worry if that’s gone too far for you. It will become clearer as we walk through it.

For this example, let’s pretend we’re playing at a craps table with a $5 minimum bet and 3–4x odds bets.

  • As the shooter prepares for the come out roll, we place our $5 minimum bet on the pass line.
  • The shooter rolls the dice and rolls a 9.
  • We get our maximum odds on the pass line bet of 4x by placing $20 directly behind our pass line bet.
  • We place a bet of $5 in the “Come” area.
  • The shooter rolls the dice and rolls a 4.
  • Our come bet is moved to 4 because that is the “point”. By betting $15 on the Come Bet, we are taking our maximum odds on this 3x Come Bet. This bet will now win if a 4 is rolled. Our pass line bet wins if a 9 is rolled.
  • We placed another $5 bet in the Come area.
  • The shooter rolls the dice and rolls an 8.
  • Our come bet is moved to 8 because that is the “point”. We are taking our maximum odds on this 5x Come Bet by betting $25 on the Come Bet. This bet will now win if an 8 is rolled. Our first come bet wins if a 4 is rolled. Our pass line bet wins if a 9 is rolled.

At this point, we’re basically hanging around hoping the shooter rolls a lot of 9s, 4s, and 8s before the 7 gets rolled. Some players will continue with the Come Bet and maximum odds for other numbers, but with three numbers in play, there is plenty of action.

We have two options to keep our action going during this roll. This is entirely up to your preference.

Option 1:

Add an extra ComeBet on every roll.

If we do this in our example, and a 4 or an 8 is rolled, we get paid on our bet and the bet stays on the 4 or the 8. This allows us to win over and over on those numbers. If another number is rolled, the bet will move to that number, but we can choose not to take any chances on that number.

Option 2:

Don’t place your come bets on the table anymore.

In this scenario, if a 4 or an 8 is rolled, we will be paid out on our bet and our bet will fall off the board. We will then want to place a new come bet and take the maximum odds when it slides to a number. The idea of this strategy is to always have your pass line number and two additional Come Bet numbers. You can always make just the Pass Line bet or just the Pass Line bet and one Come Bet number if you want a little less money on the table. You are also never obligated to take the maximum odds, although this strategy recommends it.

You can also do more numbers this way if you also want more action and money on the table. We just think the two extra tracks are a healthy amount of action where you still have the potential to make a lot of money.

This all continues until a 7 is rolled, at which point you lose all your bets. You win $5 if the 7 comes while you have a bet in the Come area, but you still lose all your other bets. It’s a small consolation prize, to say the least. With this strategy, you only need to repeat some of your numbers a few times, and you will make a profit on the roll. If you’d like to give this a try, head over to one of the online sites we mention below, as they have super low limits that allow you to play, or even play money, where you can practise for free!

Craps Playing Strategies

You don’t have to be an expert in Craps to enjoy the game. That said, there are several things you can easily do to increase your chances of winning that don’t require you to learn or study any additional strategy. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your craps game and ensure that you have an enjoyable experience whether you play the game live in the casino or online in the comfort of your own home.

Learn the game before diving in.

This applies to all casino games, but it becomes more important as the complexity of the game increases. Craps can be a lot. Make sure you take the time to learn the rules of the games and the different bets before you start playing for serious money. Online casinos are great for practising and learning as they offer the option to play completely for free or for very low stakes. Don’t give the house a bigger edge than they deserve!

Keep your discipline.

As with all forms of gambling, it is extremely important to make sure you stick to the plan that you set up before you started playing. Set the maximum you are willing to lose in a session and walk away from the tables if you have a bad run and hit that target. Conversely, you set a win amount that also takes you away from the tables, allowing you to capture a winning session. Players will tend to bet larger amounts than they would like when they start to win big or when they start to lose. Make sure you have a plan before you start playing and stick to it. If you feel like you’re starting to fall short of your plan, immediately walk away from the tables and take a break.

While this is important in all forms of gambling, it is usually more important in craps because the game is much faster than some other games and you have the ability to get more money on the table without noticing that you are drifting. of your betting strategy. When playing live, the energy of the table and the other players may push you to take risks that you would normally not be comfortable with, which could result in a bad experience.

Focus on the fun!

We’re about to sound like your mom or a gambling intervention poster, but the information is important and you need to make sure you take it to heart. Gambling should be fun, period. If you play for any reason other than fun and entertainment, you need to pick a new hobby. Obviously, you should play with the hope of winning, but you should never play with the expectation of winning. Try not to use gambling as a way to pay bills or win money needed for something important. Only gamble with money you feel comfortable losing. The experience should be fun and give you an adrenaline rush, but it should never make you feel uncomfortable or sad. Make sure you always focus on having fun and stay within your predetermined limits.These are just some of the most important tips you should know before playing Craps. We highly recommend that you read our entire list of craps tips before playing.

Craps Etiquette in Real Life

For those of you venturing into a real casino, it’s important to be aware of the basic table etiquette expected of you at the table. Most of these tips are not rules or mandatory, but you will seriously anger some other players if you don’t follow them and could ask the casino to leave. Do yourself and everyone around you a favour and take this to heart. They are easy to follow, we promise.

Never get in the way of the roll

People who play craps are very superstitious. It’s part of what makes the game fun for a lot of people, and we have to respect that. You will find that many players make an effort to roll the dice and really feel like they have control over what is thrown. Make sure your hands never get in the way when rolling the dice. If you hit the dice and the other players lose, prepare to be laughed at or even scolded by the players and warned by the dealers.

The best way to avoid this is to place your bets and withdraw your winnings quickly after each roll. The dealers will not push the dice until they have given all players enough time to do what they need to do. The easiest way to avoid a problem here is to not reach for anything or put anything on the table when the shooter has the dice in hand.

Stack your bets respectfully.

If you happen to be one of the players at the end of the table where the dice land, stack your bets in an organised pile. Don’t bet tonnes of chips if you have a higher value chip that will cover the bet.


If you want to bet $25 and you have a $25 chip, use it instead of five $5 chips.

The reason for this is that the dice hit messy and higher piles and create a mess for the dealers. Your chips will fly and slow down the game as the dealers have to figure out which bet went where. If you’re the one slowing down the game because you think your stack looks cool, people will get mad at you. This is not a great recipe for having fun.

Don’t say the “S word.”

As we mentioned before, craps players (even you, maybe) are highly superstitious. One of the most common superstitions is that you should never say the word “seven” while a point has been established. Players are probably aware that what you say has nothing to do with the outcome of the dice, but it’s kind of an unwritten tradition not to mention it while a point has been established. If you want to say it on the come-out roll, all right! We’re not trying to tell you what to say and what not to say, but if you want to fit in the crowd and not upset other players, this is a good rule to follow.

Smokers, be careful.

If you’re in a casino where smoking is allowed, be careful where your ashes go. Nothing can ruin a craps table faster than a smoker’s ass on the table. There is usually a ledge that runs the length of the table, just below the edge, where you can place an ashtray and hold your cigarette. Also keep in mind that the table can get very busy during peak times, so you might want to consider just moving away from the table if you need a push.

Please blow gently

Many players like to blow the dice for luck. It’s a popular thing that I’m sure you’ll see often in your future craps sessions. If you choose to do this for luck, lightly blow the dice. There is no need to try to use gale-force winds that will blow saliva and germs everywhere. Trust me, other players will respect you if you respect this.

Don’t take years to roll the dice.

Players usually have a strategy for how they want to roll the dice. Some players like to have the dice set to a certain number before rolling them across the table. Some players also have routines for the throws that they like to do to bring good luck. These are totally fine and can make the game more fun. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t take an extremely long time every time you roll the dice.

If your ritual is clapping five times before the roll, rolling the dice on 10, and then singing the national anthem twice while doing 100 jumping jacks, you may want to consider shortening that ritual. Players like to play craps because it is fun and fast. We’re sure you’re a great singer and all, but spare us the gig.

The accuracy of your paid bets

Two things we would like to emphasise about the accuracy of the payout of your bets. First of all, dealers sometimes make mistakes, but for the most part, they are masters at what they do. If you constantly think your dealer is paying you wrong, you are probably wrong about the way the rules are played. If you are not sure about a payout, kindly ask the dealer to explain it to you and check. Don’t do this for every bet, though, as this will dramatically slow down the game by taking all the dealer’s attention.

If you think the dealer made a mistake in paying your bet, address it before touching or trying to pick up your bet. If you pick up your chips and put them in your rack, it will be impossible for the dealer to check whether a mistake has been made or not, and we can guarantee that they will rule for the casino.

To tip

While tipping is never mandatory, it is common practise at the craps table in a few casino situations. If a cocktail waitress brings you a drink while you’re playing, it’s customary to tip her at least $1 (this is pretty standard) for the drink, regardless of whether you win or lose.

It is also customary to tip the dealers, but usually when you are winning. If you lose, but still want to give the dealers a few bucks, fine. When you smash the tables, you have a few options for tipping the dealers. The first is to give them a few bucks every now and then when you get paid for a win. The second is to place a bet on the dealers. You can throw a chip to the dealers and instruct them to place a bet somewhere that is for the dealers. If the bet wins, the dealers keep the original betting chip and the payout. The last way you can tip is to give the dealers a slightly larger amount when you end your session and leave the table.

All of these methods are great and appreciated by the craps dealers. Craps dealers are some of the hardest workers in the casino and also do a great job helping newer players. Rewarding them is much appreciated.

Here are some Trip Advisor stories from real visitors to Las Vegas who weighed in on etiquette advice.

On-Line Craps Etiquette

If you’re exhausted from reading the live craps etiquette section, you’re in luck, because there’s a remedy that requires you to follow zero of those rules. Online casinos offer craps 24/7 in the comfort of your own home. If you want to play with no pants on while yelling the word “seven” and tipping no one, you can! Online craps is great for beginners because you can learn the game at your own pace and take the time to develop and practise your strategy. The dealers never make mistakes, and you can access this guide on your computer to guide you through everything. You can also play for play money or super low stakes that are not offered in the casino to make learning more fun.Online craps is also just as much fun as playing in the casino! Online casinos have done a masterful job of mimicking the experience and look of real tables. Not to mention that you don’t have to worry about waiting to get a seat at a table or dealing with the overcrowded feeling that often plagues live craps tables. Here are a few screenshots of what it looks like to play craps online.If you’d like to learn more about how great the opportunity to play craps online is, check out this information we’ve put together just for you!

Recommended Sites: Start Playing Now!

Congratulations! If you’ve come this far, you’re now a knowledgeable craps master, ready to take on the tables and start developing and perfecting your strategies. As we have recommended, playing online is the best place for a beginner or non-practised player to start. The freedom to set the pace, the ability to have resources close at hand, and the lack of pressure from someone laughing or getting mad at you if you make a mistake all make it the perfect starting point.

Since there are many sites online to play craps, we went ahead and gave you a solid foundation by compiling a list of our favourite and most trusted sites on the web. These sites have great bonuses for new players, great gameplay, and excellent customer support to help you with whatever you need. Take a moment to check them out, and you’ll be playing online craps in your new home in no time!

Craps Glossary

One of the most perplexing aspects of Craps is all of the terminology.If you’ve ever heard two experienced craps players talk or watched a table for a few minutes, you’ve probably wondered if the players spoke a foreign language. Knowing these terms will help you understand what’s happening at the table and make you feel like one of the pros at the table. It’s much nicer to say, “Give me maximum chances on my front line!” than it is to say, “I bet $25 on my pass line please.” We’ve put together a complete craps glossary of all the terms you’ll ever need to know to be a true pro at the tables.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Craps

Is craps only for high rollers?

Many people shy away from playing craps because they think you need to have a lot of money or be a high roller to play at the tables. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Craps tables allow you to bet as little or as much as you want thanks to the myriad of different betting options. Online craps is especially suitable for table minimums that are sometimes less than 1% of those of live casinos. Don’t be afraid to play the game just because those with higher roles play the game. Most of them are there because of the great no-house edge bets offered by the game.

Is craps too confusing to learn?

Besides the fear that the game is only for high rollers, the other reason most players shy away from craps at first is that they think it is too difficult to learn. In fact, craps is not that complicated a game to learn if it takes you a few minutes to learn it. It’s more confusing than other casino games, but not much. If you’ve read this guide, you already know more about craps than 90% of the players at the tables. If you haven’t read this guide yet, we highly recommend that you do. We’ve broken down the game in a way that’s easy for you to understand and in a way that will have you pronouncing the jargon in no time!

What are the “sucker bets”?

You might hear the term “sucker bets” thrown around when people talk about craps. They refer to many of the bets in the middle of the table. These bets typically advertise higher payouts, but your odds of winning are significantly lower and the house edge is significantly higher. Does that mean you shouldn’t place these bets? new. Many of these bets are great fun to play, and many craps players are big fans of them. Keep in mind that on many of these bets, you will be accepting a higher house edge.

How long does each game of Craps last?

The definition of “one game of craps” is from the first roll until the point is hit or the table is crawled (rolls a 7). This can be as short as a few rolls or take a long time. The longer the game lasts, the more money the table earns! Here’s a phenomenal storey about a game that took 154 throws of the dice before it ended!

Are there really bets where the house has no advantage?

There are! The odds bets we mentioned earlier in this guide have a house edge of 0.0%. This means that, in the long run, the house will not win or lose money on this bet. This does not mean that the player has the house edge, but this is by far the best bet you will ever get in a casino.