Online Casino FAQs: Your questions about games, bonuses, software and more – answered!

We get a lot of questions about online casinos every day. We mean A LOT.

And while we like to answer each question individually, we receive so many of the same questions that it makes much more sense to put them on one page with our answers – this page.

Below you will find general questions about gambling at online casinos. They cover topics such as casino bonuses, gambling laws and banking.

If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please email us and we’ll do our best to add it here.


How do I contact the casino if I have a question or problem?

Each casino has different ways in which you can contact them. These are the most common options:

  • E-mail  – Either by using an e-mail address or by filling out a contact form.
  • Live Chat  – You can contact them in real time through their website.
  • Phone  – Call them at any of the phone numbers posted.
  • Skype  – Contact them via Skype instant messenger. This is the rarest option.

If you have a question, chances are they’ve already answered it. You will find that most online casinos have FAQ pages where they answer all the frequently asked questions they get .

Can I play without using real money?

Yes. Most online casinos let you play for “play” or fake money.

However, keep in mind that most casinos still require you to create an account. The only exceptions we know of are Bovada (US) and Bodog (CA). You can play (most of) their games without creating an account.

What should new online casino players know?

This is a vague question, so it’s a little hard to answer. But here’s a quick list of things we think all new casino players should be aware of.

  • Most casinos suck for some reason that have NOTHING to do with their games – mostly – because most casinos use the same six dozen software companies. They suck because of scams they pull or delay payout times. So it is imperative that you do your research before joining any casino.
  • Players outside the US should stick to casinos that DO NOT accept Americans. These casinos are much, much better in every way (games, promos, security, compatibility, banking, etc).
  • Every casino offers a bonus or free money offer. So don’t make the mistake of choosing a casino for their offers. Make sure they are honest, have games you want to play and have banking options you can use.
  • Banking is the least consistent aspect of online casinos – the banking options they accept, the fees they charge, the time it takes to process payments, etc. This is the first thing we recommend to any casino we recommend.
  • The best games come from software companies such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and IGT. Most of these companies only work with casinos that DO NOT accept Americans – unless you live in one of the states that have legalized online gambling.
  • The best casino software for Americans is BetSoft, followed by (arguably) RealTime Gaming and Rival Gaming.
  • Bonuses are not “free” no matter what the ad says. You must spend money playing casino games to earn your bonus before you can cash out.

Those are the most important pieces of advice we would give to a new player.

Which online casinos are rogue/blacklisted?

You can check out a full list of  rogue online casinos here on our dedicated page  .

How do you access an online casino that is blocked in your country?

There are only two ways that we know.

The legit way is to access the casino from another country that is NOT blocked. But we don’t think that’s what you’re asking.

To access a blocked site from your country, the only way we know of is to use a VPN. This routes your IP through a tunnel IP from locations around the world.

However, we do not recommend that you do this.

What’s a good place for beginners to start?

If you have never gambled before, online or otherwise, we recommend that you join a casino that we recommend that accepts the banking option(s) you wish to use.

Most casinos have the same basic games – slots, video poker, keno, blackjack, craps, roulette and other table games. So you don’t have to worry about that.

If you just want to get your feet wet, slots, keno, and scratch cards require the least amount of knowledge before you get started. But don’t let that stop you from playing other games. Since you don’t play games with other players or real dealers (unless you’re playing a live dealer game), you can take your time without fear of holding up the game. You can learn the rules of any game you want to play at your own pace.

So with that in mind, we think that blackjack, video poker (Jacks or Better) and 3-card poker are some of the easiest casino games to learn.

What can you do if you have a problem with an online casino?

This is tricky, and it kind of depends on the problem you’re having.

If you have a problem with the casino staff, we recommend contacting the casino to see if you can talk to management.

If you have a problem with the casino that you think the management cannot help you with, for example if they are committing a scam, our best suggestion is to contact the gaming commission that oversees them. They can investigate further and possibly even revoke their license or fine them if they discover that the casino has broken any laws.

But that said, one of the risks of playing on offshore sites is the lack of accountability and recourse, especially if you’re American.

The closer you get to a legitimate casino (such as a casino from the US), the more options you have for solving problems with a casino.

Where are online casinos located?

If you are gambling at an online casino in the United States, such as in New Jersey or Delaware, the casino’s servers will (usually) be located in that state, or at least in the country.

Offshore locations are located all over the world.

For instance:

  • Bet365 – England
  • 888 – Gibraltar
  • Paddy Power – Ireland
  • 5Dimes – Costa Rica
  • Bovada – Canada (presumably)
  • Bodog – Antigua

Each area has its own betting commission and rules to follow. Some areas are more lax than others. So when choosing a site to join, a lot can be said about a casino based on where their headquarters are.

Why does the house always win?

It’s because every game is structured or designed to give the casino an edge, no matter how big or small. And it is that advantage that makes the casino money in the long run.

Do online casinos have a way to tell if you are cheating?

As far as we know, it is not really possible to cheat an online casino as it does not want to hack the software.

Casinos should be able to see that, but the question is how long it will take.

It is not a casino, but a good example is the scandals surrounding Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. Those went on for a few years without anyone knowing. The company had to engage an outside source (the Kahnawake Gaming Commission) to investigate. And they probably had to have their software tested.

We can imagine that an online casino would be the same. And they’d let that happen sooner rather than later if they noticed one or two players winning obscene (and unnatural) amounts of money on their games.

Which online casino has the most players?

To the best of our knowledge, this data is not shared.

We assume that the more honest, legit and popular companies would receive the most players. Based on total earnings (including betting, poker and casino, both online and offline) we’d say sites like Bet365, 888, Paddy Power, William Hill – and others that are more or less public companies, or in the public eye – most casino players have.

What are the tricks that online casinos use to attract and retain gamblers?

The most common tactics that online casinos use are promotions – things like deposit bonuses, free money offers and VIP schemes.

The bonuses and free money offers are used to get players in. The wagering requirements force them to stay long enough to clear the offer and potentially lose some money in the process.

The VIP schemes, which often reward players with cash back in exchange for points earned while playing, keep them close. Some casinos also offer reload bonuses, which are free cash offers to existing customers to encourage them to make another deposit.

Are there any online casinos in Manila?

Many online casinos accept players from Manila. A few examples are:

  • Paddy Power
  • Bodog88

You can find more by Googling. Be sure to check any casino you come across against a rogue casino blacklist.

Do online casinos cheat?

They sure do. And we’re surprised when they do, because there’s so much money in it to be legit. Google 888 or Bet365 and check out their Wikipedia page – they make billions of dollars together.

Anyway, you will find that most online casinos that cheat do not cheat through their games (although it does happen). They cheat players by simply not paying them, modifying the terms and conditions as needed, and imposing bonuses on players so that they cannot cash out without breaking the casino’s rules.

What are the pros and cons of online casinos?

There are many. We will summarize it to the largest.

The biggest advantages of online casinos are convenience, lower stakes and promotions.

The biggest drawbacks are dealing with legalities, sloppy casinos and banking challenges such as available banking options and processing times.

Are There Legitimate Online Casinos?

There are many legit casinos online. There are many that are licensed, regulated and treat their players very well. You can see a list of our recommended casinos here.

Where can I find the payout percentages of a casino?


Sometimes you can find them on the company website of whoever checked the casino’s software and games. Other times you can find them on their website, such as at Golden Palace.

How old do I have to be to play at an online casino?

That depends on the casino and your location. In all the cases we’ve seen, the age is 18 or 21.

Will the casino report my winnings to the IRS?

It is unlikely to be an offshore casino.

However, if you play at an online casino in New Jersey or Delaware, they will report your winnings. Therefore, you must give them your Social Security number when you apply.

If I have won a large amount of money, do I have to pay it out in one go?

That’s up to you… and to a certain extent, the casino.

If the casino is safe and reliable, then do what works best for you. If the casino is sketchy, get your money taken out as soon as possible – and find another casino to join.

Some casinos do limit how much money you can withdraw per day/week/month. You’ll want to read their banking page and/or terms and conditions – or simply contact them – to find out if your casino does.

Can I make money playing at online casinos?

Yes that’s possible. That doesn’t mean you’re making a profit, though. Most people don’t, except for those who win huge 6 and 7 figure jackpots.

What happens if I have lost my username and/or password?

All casinos have a link that you can click if you forget or lose your username or password. They’ll send you an email with steps to get yours or set up a new one.

When it comes down to it, you can always email the casino.

Can I get addicted to online gambling?

You sure can. According to statistics:

  • Three to five gamblers out of 100 struggle with a gambling problem
  • No fewer than 750,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 have a gambling addiction

If you think you have a problem, most casinos have a self-exclusion option that you can use to get yourself banned. You can also email the casino and ask them to block you. You can also contact Gamblers Anonymous for advice.

If you’re not sure if you have a problem, we recommend taking this short quiz.

How much money do I need to gamble online?

This depends on you, the games and bets you play, and how long you want your bankroll to last.

We think $30 or $50 is a fair amount for an hour of playing penny slots. And we recommend doubling or tripling that for every hour you want to play a table game like blackjack or three-card poker.

From there it goes up.

Can I use more than one gambling site?

You sure can. It may even be necessary if you are looking for specific games, promotions or banking options. Joining multiple casinos will give you variety.

Is Casino UK a safe online casino?

They are no longer open. They were acquired by Roxy Palace Casino. And based on the handful of reports and reviews we’ve seen, yes, they are a safe casino. Average, but safe.

What is the best online casino in Canada?

Our top picks are:

  • betway
  • Bodog
  • bet365

What is the best online casino in the US?

Our top picks are:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline

What is the best online casino in Europe?

Our top picks are:

  • betway
  • bet365
  • 888

What is the best online casino in Australia?

Our top picks are:

  • Jackpot City
  • Ruby Fortune
  • bet365

What is the Gambler’s Fallacy?

It is the belief that  any event can affect the outcome of future events  . That rubbing a coin or blowing dice has a (positive) influence on the next outcome.

But this is foolishness. All outcomes in a casino are random.

Can I chat with other players?

Not usually. It’s just you and the casino software.

The exception is if you are playing live dealer games. Not only can you chat with the players at the table, but you can also chat with the dealer running the game.

What is a “rogue” casino?

It’s a casino that does shady things. This ranges from stealing players to changing terms and conditions to enforcing bonuses on players (so they can’t cash out). And yet they are still in operation.

You should avoid rogue casinos at all costs.

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is when you ask/tell the casino to ban you for a certain amount of time. This can take anywhere from an hour to a day to three days to weeks, months, years or even for life.

Most casinos have this option in one form or another. It is intended to cool down players when they are having a hard time playing and to prevent problem gamblers from gambling.



Do I need to download the casino software?

Not at most casinos. Most casinos have a browser or no download casino where you can log in and play their games from your internet browser. Keep in mind that for some casinos this means that you have a smaller selection of games.

Do casinos have a download for Macs?

No, most casinos don’t have a Mac compatible download. Instead, you play from their casino with no download or browser (mentioned above).

Which online casinos can I play on my iPad?

Most casinos have a mobile app, a mobile responsive site or a dedicated mobile site for phones and tablets. Our reviews will tell you what each casino has to offer.

Which is better: the Flash version or the download version of a casino?

We didn’t notice any difference between the two, at least not in terms of graphics or game quality. That’s why we prefer the Flash (no-download) casino, as it means you can play from any computer. And you don’t have to download a bunch of resource-hogging files.

Do I need a PC with Windows to gamble online?

If you want to download the casino software, yes, you need Windows. But you don’t necessarily need a PC to do this. You can use an emulator or dual-boot setup if you prefer a Mac or Linux operating system.

What do I need to play an online casino game?

A computer, tablet or telephone with an internet connection. An email address, physical address and telephone. And money, if you intend to play for real money.

What is a casino skin?

A casino skin is a casino that shares the same software, games, banking and sometimes even the same customer support as other casinos that also use the skin.

Skins are more or less things in a box. Larger companies (also known as networks) have brought these companies together to make it easier for operators to start up their online casinos.

The biggest difference between each skin is what they look like, and sometimes their promotions. From there, everything else is (mostly) the same.

Which Online Casinos Use RealTime Gaming Software?

Five examples of casinos that use RealTime Gaming software are:

  • Bodog
  • Bovada
  • Planet 7
  • Vegas Casino Online

Which Online Casinos Use BetSoft Software?

Five examples of casinos using BetSoft software are:

  • Bovada
  • Drake Casino
  • bet365
  • Bodog

Which Online Casinos Use NetEnt Software?

Five examples of casinos using NetEnt software are:

  • BetVictor
  • gouge
  • bet safe
  • SuperLenny
  • 888

Which Online Casinos Use Playtech Software?

Five examples of casinos using Playtech software are:

  • bet365
  • coral
  • Titan
  • Europe
  • William Hill

Which Online Casinos Use Rival Gaming Software?

Five examples of casinos using Rival Gaming software are:

  • Bovada
  • Bodog
  • inflammation
  • Slots Capital

Which Online Casinos Use IGT Software?

None we know of. But you’ll find IGT’s games (which are a lot of fun) in brick-and-mortar casinos. We’ve played several in Las Vegas, as well as casinos on the Oregon Coast.

Which Online Casinos Use Microgaming Software?

Five examples of casinos using Microgaming software are:

  • RoxyPalace
  • PokerStars
  • bet365
  • bet safe
  • SuperLenny



What is the difference in online casino games?

The easiest way to understand variance is that it is the ups and downs, or gains and losses, that happen over the course of a game.

For example, if we flipped a coin – you took heads and we took tails – and we bet $1 each time on who would win, in the long run we would both be break even.

However, in the short term it can go either way: you can win more money, or us, even if it’s an even money game/bet. That short-term fluctuation is variance.

Which games have the best odds?

Here are the games with the best odds (according to the Wizard of Odds):

  • Baccarat – 1.06%
  • Blackjack – .28%
  • Casino War – 2.88%
  • Craps (Pass/Come, Don’t Pass/Don’t Come) – 1.36-1.41%
  • Pai Gow Poker – 1.46%
  • Video Poker – .46%

Those are some of the best games to play at the casino. However, keep in mind that these odds change based on the variation you play, whether you use optimal strategy, whether you play the side bets and the game’s payouts.

Is it possible to count cards online?

No, not at a normal blackjack table run by an RNG. However, as far as we understand, you can count cards at live dealer tables. But online casinos don’t seem to like it when you do. 5Dimes has in their terms that they will close your account if they suspect you are a card counter.

How do online casinos catch card counters?

It’s nearly impossible—or at least pointless—to count cards online. Because of the way algorithms work, the decks are more or less infinite, not to mention that they are reshuffled after every hand.

The only games where you can count cards are live dealer games. And, like land-based casinos, online casinos aren’t too keen on it (like 5Dimes, which will ban you if they catch you).

Online card counting isn’t talked about much, but we can imagine casinos catching card counters by watching each player – how much they bet, when they change their bet, when they sit down to play, etc. Advantage players often stand out as a sore thumb – they are not difficult for casino staff to spot.

Do casino gambling systems work?

New. The main reason for this is that betting systems have no effect on the game itself. They don’t change the rules or improve your chances of winning in any way. So the odds or house edge remain the same – in favor of the house.

Can I cheat?

First of all, the mandatory statement: we do not recommend or endorse players who cheat online casinos. It’s immoral, unethical and – in some cases – illegal, which could leave you (and your bank account) in hot water.

That said, it is a lot harder to cheat online since online casinos run on software. You should find a way to hack into their software, which is probably easier said than done.

Can I play casino games on my mobile?

On most sites, yes. You download an app, play from your browser (mobile responsive casino) or play on a separate mobile version of the site.

Which online casinos have a progressive jackpot Caribbean Stud?

There are many casinos that offer progressive Caribbean stud. That includes casinos that run on software from:

  • NetEnt
  • cryptological
  • Real time gaming

You will find dozens of casinos to choose from in that short list.

What types of games can you play in an online casino?

If you can find the game in a land-based casino, chances are you can find it – or something very similar – in an online casino.

That includes:

  • Slots
  • blackjack
  • Pai gow poker
  • Baccarat
  • video poker
  • pai gow
  • craps
  • Roulette
  • Keno
  • Progressive Jackpot Games
  • 3-card poker
  • Caribbean study
  • let them drive

And much more – including variations of the games mentioned above.

What are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are pools of money that are awarded when you make a specific hand or hit a specific combination of symbols.

These pools are built up by all players who bet the maximum or make the side bet. A portion of each bet goes towards the jackpot. And it keeps building until someone wins it.

What are live dealer games?

Live dealer games are physical casino games (such as blackjack, roulette, sic bo, etc.) that are streamed live. These have higher (minimum) stakes and live interaction between players and dealers. It’s like being in a casino, except you’re playing from home.

Why is there a table limit?

We think the biggest reason has to do with the casino and the amount of risk they are willing to take, because anything can happen in the short term – especially in games where the house edge is small.

If the casino didn’t have a table limit, you could be sitting with $500,000 or $1 million, betting on red or even roulette, and if you won, you could be financially hurting the casino.

So before casinos accept action with higher stakes (we’re talking tens or hundreds of thousands or more per hand/spin), they want to make sure they can handle the short-term variance and there’s a chance they can win their money back. That someone isn’t just looking for a quick kick/win and then leaves the casino high and dry.

Is there a time limit for each hand while playing online?

No, that’s one of the advantages of playing online. You can take your time without worrying about stopping the action. The exception is live dealer games.

How do I win a progressive jackpot?

There are three things you need to win:

  • Make the max or side bet
  • luck
  • Make the winning hand or combination that wins the jackpot

What is the most profitable casino game to play?

It involves a table or video poker game that you happen to know the optimal strategy for. If you’re willing to count cards, we’d say blackjack. But we don’t think you can make the wrong choice with an optimal strategy for blackjack, video poker or 3-card poker while earning compositions.

Beyond that, we recommend learning how to play poker.

Are there limits?

Yes. Most table games start at $1 and peak at $500-$1,000. Most slots and video poker games start at $0.01-$0.05 and peak around the same maximum per spin/hand.

But it does differ from casino to casino. We recommend that you read our reviews if limits are a big factor in deciding where to play.

Who licenses and regulates casino games?

This is (usually) the task of the gaming controller or gaming commission. These are agencies appointed by the state, region or country that oversee the casinos that operate in/from their territory. They make sure they follow the laws/rules for that area.

There are many game committees. You can see a big list of them here  .

Are casino games fixed or completely random?

Random. It is impossible for casinos to make money from fixed games. Not for long anyway.

But they aren’t completely random either. And that’s because online casinos use random number generators (RNGs), which are mathematical (and solvable) algorithms. We recommend that you read our RNG page for more information.



How can I make a deposit at an internet casino?

It’s no different from shopping online. Every banking method will be different, but the gist is this:

  • Go to checkout.
  • Choose your banking method.
  • Enter your details – card number, bank account number, e-wallet address, etc.
  • Enter how much you want to deposit.
  • Click send.

Depending on the method you choose, it will take from 0 minutes to 60+ minutes for your deposit to be processed and available to play.

Can I track my past deposits and withdrawals?

Yes. Most casinos allow you to view your payment history. Here they show you every deposit and withdrawal you have made within a certain time frame.

How quickly can I withdraw my winnings?

The process of requesting a withdrawal is fast. It will only take you a few minutes.

However, processing the transaction and getting your hands on the payout is a different matter altogether. It depends on the way of banking, the casino and where you live.

On the fast end of things, Bitcoin is almost instant as the casino is available 24/7 to process requests. E-wallets (such as Neteller and PayPal) are also fast, taking minutes to several hours to complete.

From there, the delay only gets bigger. Credit cards can take a few days. Cash transfers (such as Western Union) can take 3-7 days, as can bank transfers. It can take 1-2 weeks for paper checks to reach you.

And that’s once the casino processes your request, which can take a few hours to a few days.

What deposit methods are available?

This is too long a list to cover here. And it depends on where you live.

The most common options are:

  • Credit/Debit Card – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • E-Wallets – PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Mondex
  • bank wires
  • Cash Transfers – Western Union
  • prepaid cards

The individual options (individual brands/companies) – available on a regional basis – will be a variation of the main options listed above.

What withdrawal methods are available?

This, like deposits, depends on where you live and what the casino accepts.

You have the same options listed above, plus additional options such as e-checks and paper checks.

Are there withdrawal limits?

Yes, although it depends on the withdrawal method and casino.

At 5Dimes, for example, you can get a cashier’s check up to $7,500. The money order limit is $9,500. The limit on Bitcoin is $10,000. And the limit on bank transfers is $9,500.

Limits are usually per request, week or month.

The best way to learn about a casino’s limits is to read casino reviews. All that info is covered there.

Why was my credit card rejected at an online casino?

It’s hard to say. You may not have enough money to cover your down payment. Perhaps the bank thought your request was suspicious and has interrupted access to protect your account. Or maybe your bank doesn’t allow online gambling transactions (as it isn’t supposed to in the United States).

The best way to find out is to ask your bank or credit card company.

Is there a minimum deposit for online casinos?

Yes. Again, this is something that depends on the casino and the banking method. But the minimum deposit for most options ranges from $5 to $20. Other casinos have slightly higher minimums around $50 or so.

Can you use Bitcoins at online casinos?

Yes that’s possible. Some “fiat” casinos that accept Bitcoin are Bovada, Bodog, and 5Dimes. These are often referred to as hybrid casinos.

There are only Bitcoin casinos. They only accept Bitcoin for payment and offer many of the same games and betting options that you will find on hybrid sites.

Can I pay in USD/AUD/CAD/etc. play?

That depends on the website. But there are online casinos that let you play in different currencies. The best way to find one is to read our reviews.

Why do I need to verify my identity?

This is so the casinos know you are who you say you are. Otherwise, anyone could make deposits and withdrawals with stolen funds quite easily.

Is it safe to use my credit card at online casinos?

Yes, as safe as it is to shop online at places like Amazon or Wal-Mart. But only if you play at legitimate online casinos.

Can I deposit without a credit card?

Yes. You can also use debit, prepaid and gift cards.

These are by far the best and fastest options, with the highest limits (usually). But if you can’t use plastic, we recommend that you transfer cash, send a bank transfer or use an e-wallet.

Can casinos defer my payments even if I haven’t done anything wrong?

Yes, they can. Their terms and conditions usually say so much.

There’s not much you can do except wait. Make sure to help them and send as much information as they ask, assuming it’s reasonable. For example, offshore casinos DO NOT need your social security number.

However, if it is clear that you have not done anything wrong and/or the casino is showing you the way, then we recommend that you first check whether it is a legit casino.

Are there limits to how much I can withdraw even if I’ve won a big jackpot?

Often yes. Most casinos will limit you to a few thousand a week, every week, until you are paid in full. Other times it just comes down to the banking option – you can only get so much money per request.

Will casinos charge for withdrawing the jackpot?

We don’t know of any casino that does, although you may have to pay a fee for cashing out using a specific banking method.



What are casino bonuses?

These are cash offers that the casino offers to both new and existing customers. The most common type of bonus is the match bonus, where the casino doubles a percentage of your deposit. However, there are many types of bonuses, such as refer-a-friend, re-deposit, welcome or new player, and bonuses for specific games (slots, blackjack, craps, roulette, etc.).

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is for new customers. The most common offer is a match bonus, but casinos also offer cash bonuses and specific game bonuses. These are also known as bonuses for new players.

When can I withdraw my bonus money?

Assuming you can withdraw your bonus money – as many bonuses are for online play – you can withdraw your money once you meet the rollover or playthrough requirements. The general idea is that once you have accepted the bonus, you have to wager that much money before the casino will let you cash out. This is to prevent people from abusing the system.

What types of casino bonuses are there?

There are many types of bonuses, such as:

  • Welcome, New Player or Sign Up
  • no deposit
  • Reload
  • Loyalty
  • high roller
  • refer-a-friend
  • cashback
  • For using specific payment methods.

Please note that some bonuses are named differently at different casinos.

What is a casino comp?

According to Wikipedia:

Comps are free items and services provided by casinos to encourage players to gamble. The number of compositions a player gets usually depends on the game they are playing, how much they are betting and how long they are playing.

Why do casinos offer a no deposit bonus?

We’re not quite sure why. But we can guess.

We believe that no deposit bonuses are a lower threshold offer. The player does not need to make a deposit or deposit of any particular size to play and try out the casino and their games.

In other words, a $25 or $50 bonus gets players in with little risk to them. Once they get started, the casino assumes enough players will like what they see enough to make a deposit and continue playing (to offset the cost of the bonus).

How do I earn casino points?

You earn points by playing real money games.

What can I use VIP/casino points for?

This differs from casino to casino. The most common option is money back. But points can also be used to buy things in the casino gift shop, pay for trips or for bonuses.

VIP points can also be used to determine your VIP level if the casino has a multi-level program. This too can determine what kinds of perks you get (for the points you earn).

What is a non-cashable bonus?

This is an offer that you can only use to play at the casino. If you win money and want to cash out, the only money you can cash out is your winnings. The bonus remains with the casino.

How do I claim a sign-up bonus?

This depends on the casino. At most casinos all you need to do is create an account and make a deposit. The bonus money will be deposited into your player account.

Other casinos may require you to enter a code (sign up, coupon, bonus) or contact support BEFORE making your deposit.

Can I just withdraw the bonus immediately?

New. Casinos want you to wager that much money before you can cash out. Otherwise it would be too easy to abuse the system and the casino would not keep any of their players – or their winnings.

Can I open more than one account and claim a bonus multiple times?

New. Each casino states in its terms and conditions that they do not allow this.

How can I avoid abusing reload bonuses?

Our recommendation is to set a limit on how much you will play on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. If you are having trouble sticking to your limits, you can always check if your casino has the ability to set limits.

How do casinos take advantage of no deposit bonuses?

They earn money from players who make a deposit and continue to play after their no deposit bonus has expired. The money that casinos make here is greater than the cost.

What does it mean when a promotion comes with a 40x wagering requirement?

It means you have to wager your deposit OR your deposit AND bonus 40x.

For example, suppose you were given a $500 bonus. The casino asks you to wager 40x the bonus. You must wager $20,000 before you can cash out.

Now suppose it is a 100% match offer (deposit $500 to get a $500 bonus) and the casino wants you to wager the deposit AND bonus 40x. In this case, you need to wager $40,000 to meet their terms.

Some casinos do not allow you to meet the wagering requirements by playing games such as craps or roulette. How is that possible?

There are a few schools of thought.

We think the odds for these games are just too low. A little variance in favor of the player, and the casino wouldn’t make a cent.

The other train of thought — and the most likely reason why games like craps and roulette aren’t allowed — is that players would just be abusing the system. All they had to do to make money was bet on red and black or even and odd, and they would make money because the bonus money wasn’t theirs in the first place.

How can I be notified of new bonus offers?

There are three ways:

  • Check our website regularly for updates.
  • Visit the casino’s promotion page regularly.
  • Sign up for the casino’s newsletter.

The best option is the latter, because then you will be the first to hear about any new offers.

Can the terms of promotions be tricky?

They can be, sure. The trickiest part is determining which specific games do or don’t apply to the release of your bonus, or how much they may apply.

The trickiest games are usually the table games with the low house edge. Each casino has different rules for what they allow you to play to clear their offers, and how much those games help.


Are online casinos safe?

That depends on your definition of safe.

But as for the theft of money or personal information, most casinos are safe, yes. They have technology to prevent hackers from stealing your information.

Are online casino games manipulated?

Not at legitimate casinos. Most have tested their software for randomness or fairness to the player. And there is no good reason for a casino to manipulate their games if there is enough money to make by offering fair games.

Are my personal information and credit card number safe?

Yes. Online casinos use SSL certificates to encrypt all information going to/from their casino. This is the same type of technology that banks use, and it would take scammers forever to hack – IF it’s possible at all.


Can US players legally play online?

This is a gray area and it depends largely on the casino and the state.

If you are a resident of and play at an online casino from one of the states where it is legal, then it is legal to play online.

However, if you are playing at an offshore casino from one of those states – or other countries that have legal online gambling – then it is most likely illegal – at least for the operator.

From there it depends on the state. Some states have made it illegal for players to gamble online, but none we know of have gone so far as to prosecute a person for doing so.

As far as we know, IT IS illegal for an offshore casino to operate within the US, which is why they don’t. And it is illegal for banks and payment processors to (knowingly) process transactions to and from offshore online casinos.

Should Online Casinos Be Legalized?

We certainly think so!

An online casino is no different from a land-based casino. And by making online gambling legal, you’re protecting American players, creating new jobs and boosting the economy.

Are Online Casinos Legal?

In the US, the only online casinos that operate legally are those in states like New Jersey and Delaware. Nevada too, if you want to take up poker.

Outside of the US, most countries or jurisdictions allow gambling and have rules for operators and players. So, assuming you gamble at a legit casino, yes, it is most likely legal.

How do I know if online gambling is allowed where I live?

One way is to visit our Laws and Jurisdictions page. You can also contact a lawyer or your local gambling commission/agency.

Are Online Casinos Unethical or Immoral?

That depends on who you ask. We don’t think so – and that should be obvious.

As for the casinos themselves, that also depends. The best and fastest way to find out is to read our reviews or check out Casino Meister’s blacklist page.


How do I sign up at an online casino?

All casinos have a link “join now” or “sign up now”. Once you click on that, you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal information, such as your name, address, email address, and so on.

Do I have to give the casino my real name, address, phone number and date of birth?

Yes, because they need this information to verify that you are you, and before fulfilling withdrawal requests.

What personal information am I not allowed to give?

Do not give the casino your Social Security number or your mother’s maiden name. The exception to this rule is if you join a legal online casino in the US. They need your social security number to report any gains/losses to the IRS.

I want to play at the casino for free but need to give them my information first. Will they use my data to advertise for me?

More than likely, yes. They will try to get you to make a deposit.

However, reputable casinos will stop if you ask them to. And many email programs require that they have a link at the end of each email that, when clicked, will unsubscribe you from their newsletter.


How do casinos make money?

Every casino game is designed to give the house an edge (the “house edge”). This advantage can be up to half a percent (blackjack), up to 15+ (slots) or 30+ (keno) percent.

The edge for any game comes from how each game is designed (like the 0 or 00 in roulette), how hard something is to achieve (a royal flush), the payouts for each outcome (3:2 or 6:5 for a natural blackjack), or the rules of the game (can’t split or double in blackjack more than twice if you like). Or a combination of these things.

How do casinos make money from the house edge?

The easiest way to explain this is with an example.

Suppose you are playing a game with a 1% house edge. For every $100 you spend playing this game, the casino expects to receive $1 (1% of 100). They can receive more or less every round. But in the long run, this will average $1.

When you consider that they trade tens or even hundreds of hands per hour – BY TABLE – it’s not hard to see how they can make astronomical amounts of money. And that’s just for their table games.

To see for yourself how much money you can expect to lose to the casino (in the long run), simply multiply how much you wager by the house edge (in decimal form).

How do casinos make money with the RTP?

RTP stands for ‘return to player’ and is just another way of showing the casino’s house edge.

For example, instead of saying a game has a 1% house edge, you would say the game has a 99% RTP.

You can calculate the house edge – and what the casino earns per bet in the long run – by multiplying the RTP by the amount of your bet.

Is eCOGRA legit?

We would say that. They are incorporated and based in the UK where (online) gaming is completely legal and regulated. They are an internationally recognized and approved testing agency that has won ISO approval from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).All that would be hard to achieve if they weren’t “legitimate”.