Casino Glossary

There is some terminology that is helpful to understand when playing casino games, so we’ve put together this handy glossary that covers the most commonly used words and phrases.

Some of these terms are specific to online casinos, while others are used in land-based casinos.

**Please note that we have not included game specific terms as they are covered in  our casino game guides  .

Player advantage:

A player who has a certain advantage over the casino. This was traditionally used for card counters in blackjack, but can also apply to online players who use bonuses to gain an advantage.


A wager required in some casino games before the hand/round begins.


Another word for the dealer or the house.


The amount of money a player must bet on.


An amount of money given to a player by an online casino to fulfill certain requirements.

Card shark:

An expert in card games.


The act of withdrawing money from an online casino.

Cash desk:

In a land-based casino you exchange chips for money. In an online casino you can deposit and withdraw money from your account.

Casino advantage:

The mathematical advantage that the casino has over players. Also known as the house edge.

Casino Rewards:

Many online casinos will offer some type of reward, usually cash, to players based on how much they play.

chip box:

The tray used by a dealer or croupier to store house chips.

Potato chips:

Tokens used in casinos to represent cash; they come in different denominations.

Cold streak:

An extended losing run.

Color up:

The act of exchanging smaller denomination chips for larger ones.

Comp Points:

At most casinos, online and on land, you earn comp points when you play. These can then be exchanged for chips. In land-based casinos, comp points can also be used for food, drink or lodging at a discounted rate.


French word for a casino dealer, also commonly used in other languages.

Cut card:

A plastic card used to cut the deck in some card games.


A casino employee who is responsible for dealing the cards.

Degenerate Gambler:

Someone who gambles frequently and excessively.


The act of adding money to your online casino account.

Download Casino:

A type of online casino where you have to download software to play the games.


The advantage in a casino game. The vast majority of the time, it is the casino that has the edge.

Eye in the sky:

Term for the overhead cameras used in casinos to monitor the gaming tables.

Flash casino:

A type of online casino that allows you to play games directly from your browser using Flash technology.

Gambler’s Misconception:

The (incorrect) belief that the outcome of any event is influenced by past events. See more on the next page –  Gambler’s Fallacy.

High roll:

Someone who plays casino games for high stakes.

Hot Stripe:

An extended winning run.


The casino is often referred to as the house.

House edge:

The mathematical advantage that the casino has over players in games.

House rules:

Rules specific to a particular casino.

Instant Casino:

A type of online casino that does not require you to download any software.


A large prize offered for a specific outcome in a game. This is usually offered in gambling and video poker games.


The surface of a gaming table where players can place their bets. It is reproduced virtually in online casinos.


The lobby of online casinos is where you can find all available games.

Loyalty Scheme:

A scheme offered by online casinos to reward players for their betting activities.

Live dealer games:

A type of online casino game played against real dealers via a live video stream.


An IOU of a player getting credit at a casino.

Maximum bet:

The highest bet that can be placed on a casino game.

Minimum bet:

The lowest bet that can be placed on a casino game.

Multi-handed games:

Casino games where a player can play more than one hand at a time.

Multiplayer games:

Online games where you play with other real players instead of alone.

Non-sticky bonus:

A type of bonus offered by online casinos that can be withdrawn once the necessary requirements are met.

Payout percentage:

The estimated return paid out by a casino over time is expressed as a percentage of the total bets placed. It can be applied to individual games or to the casino in general.


A table showing the relevant payout for any wager on table games, or any winning combination on slot machines and video poker games.


The percentage of a deck that is dealt before the deck is shuffled.

Phantom Bonus:

A type of bonus offered by online casinos that is removed from the player’s account at the time of withdrawal.


The area of ​​a casino between tables where only casino personnel are allowed.

pit boss:

The casino employee responsible for overseeing all staff and tables associated with a specific pit.

Progressive Jackpot:

A kind of jackpot that increases over time.


A tie in casino games where neither the house nor the player win.

Random Number Generator (RNG):

Software used by online casinos to generate a random result in casino games. For example, it determines which number is played next in a roulette game or which card is dealt next in blackjack.

Reload Bonus:

A type of bonus offered to an existing customer at an online casino for making a new deposit.


The box from which cards are dealt in casinos.

Sign up bonus:

A kind of bonus at online casinos that is offered to new customers when they join. Also known as welcome bonus.


The amount wagered on the outcome of a casino game.

Sticky Bonus:

A type of bonus offered by online casinos that cannot be withdrawn and remains in a player’s account until lost.


A high value player who usually gets special treatment from a casino.


Any bet made in an online or land-based casino.

Wagering Requirements:

The amount that must be wagered at an online casino to either earn a bonus or release a bonus for withdrawal.

Welcome Bonus:

A bonus offered to new customers at online casinos. Also known as a sign-up bonus.


A high value player who plays for big bets.