Safest Casino Locations in 2022

It is important to stay safe when gambling for real money online. Whether you gamble on sports, play casino games or enjoy any other form of gambling, your online safety and security are of the utmost importance.

On this page, we focus on safe casino gambling. Let’s start with our recommendations for safe online casinos for 2022.

If you want to find a reliable casino yourself, we’ll show you how a little later. We explain what to look for when reviewing online casinos for safe real-money gambling.

But if you want to play online casino games now, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations. We are confident that these are the safest online casino sites because we have thoroughly vetted them.

Read on to learn more about how we do this.

What do safe online casinos have in common?

The virtual world has opened up all kinds of exceptional possibilities. While they are mostly positive, you know that some dishonest people want to exploit them for some quick cash.

Some of these people are active in the online gambling industry. If you don’t use the safest online casino sites, you could fall victim to them.

The good news is that there are a plethora of reliable real-money online casinos out there. Safe casinos that have proven to be reliable and offer top-notch customer service.

You don’t have to take any risks with operators who may or may not pay you your winnings. But you still need to choose wisely if you want to ensure your online safety.

Do you know what the most trusted online casinos all have in common?

Each of them is licenced and regulated by a legitimate gambling commission or authority.

Regulations for safe online gambling at casinos

Gambling commissions and control boards oversee safe online casinos around the world.

Among other things, they monitor the finances and test the casino’s equipment to ensure that the games are random and fair.

Here’s what you need to know about how these organisations protect you when you gamble for real money online.

The footer of the website tells a story.

The footer is an important and telling area on all casino gambling sites. There you will find almost everything you need to know about surgery.

The safest online casinos usually have the following in their footers:

  • Licenses and Regulations
  • Game Test Certification:
  • Payment methods
  • Property
  • requirements
  • Problem gambling information

Online gambling commissions focus on each of these areas. First-class regulation is a lengthy process that never ends.

Safe and fair casino play through licenced software and consistent testing is just the beginning.

Online casino licences

The best and safest online casinos are generally licenced by the most respected gambling commissions.

Here are some of the reputable regulatory bodies for real-money online gambling.


To play at safe online casinos, scroll to the bottom of the page and look for an agency’s logo.

The most reputable and safe operators associate those images with their official licenses.

The role of online gambling commissions

Regulatory bodies licence legitimate online casinos to legally offer their gambling services.

But before they do that, they require the following from every applicant.

  • Criminal background check
  • The operating model, including bonus implementation, deposits, payouts, jackpots, server, and site security,
  • Third Party Providers: Fraud Detection, Age Identity, Geolocation
  • Financial details
  • Software Technical Standards—Submission of Independent Game Tests
  • Legal Business Status
  • A significant down payment or licence fee.

Every agency has different rules and regulations.

An authority like the UK Gambling Commission is hands-on and is constantly updating its guidelines and safe casino practices. Others are less proactive, but still have procedures in place to protect players.

Here are some of the actions they are taking to ensure player protection.

  • assessing and monitoring the casino’s financial position
  • Approved software vendors:
  • Require game testing by an independent lab.
  • Settle player disputes.
  • Provision of information and resources about gambling problems

Many readers ask us questions like, “How do I know if an online casino is legit?” Our answer is almost always the same. Look at their licences.

What does this do for you? It gives you confidence.

If an operator is licenced and regulated by reputable agencies, it has provided financial documentation, partnerships, and marketing and operational plans.

You know, you are looking at a safe real-money online casino. You know, the casino is safe. You know you can trust them with your hard-earned money.

And while you hope you never run into a problem, you also know that you can file a dispute over the alleged misconduct of an online casino through most gambling commissions.

How the UKGC is leading the way in online gambling regulation


You can’t get much better than the UK Gambling Commission’s support when it comes to safe online gambling.

It is a proactive commission that regulates gambling in physical locations and online casinos.

In addition to the licencing process, the Commission is continuously developing its rules and practises to ensure that gambling is safe for UK casino players.

Here are a few examples of recent changes made by the UKGC.

  • In 2020, the UKGC will take credit cards off the table, preventing players from betting “on credit”.
  • They imposed a limit on slot speeds.
  • The UKGC prohibits any feature or reward that speeds up the game.
  • They force casinos to prominently display total losses and gains for players.

The UKGC wasted no time in putting these new regulations into practice. They told online operators they had until the following October to comply.

The safest online casinos in the UK did Those are the types of safe online casinos you want to join.

Safe Casino Websites Promote Their Regulations


While betting commissions play a similar role in land-based and online gambling, there is one significant difference.

It is easy to identify and monitor safe land-based casinos, but it is harder to do so with online casinos. This makes it easier for rogue online casinos to operate under the radar.

How do you prevent rogue casinos online? We’ll give you a few tips later, but here’s one tip: legit real-money online casinos that are safe promote their certification.

Most of them list their various licences and licence numbers in the footer of their website. Other legit online casinos display the logos of the agencies that have licenced them.

Many of the safest online gambling sites make this image clickable — click it to see a current copy of that casino’s license.

The bottom line is that the safest casinos are licenced and regulated, and they are happy to prove it to you. Checking for a licence is a quick and easy way to ensure that you only join honest casino sites.

Safe Online Casinos for the USA


In the US, players mainly access online casinos and real-money casino apps from third-party providers.

Here are our top recommendations for safe US online casinos.

  • The Atlantis Casino
  • BetUS Casino
  • Wild Casino
  • Super Slots
  • Online Casino in Las Vegas

A few states, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, also have state-regulated gambling and gambling sites.

In New Jersey, for example, the online casinos are in partnership with the casino resorts of Atlantic City. Users can fund their accounts in person and then play remotely as long as they are within state lines.

Online gambling is strictly regulated in the state of New Jersey, and these operations in the state are the foundation of some of the safest online casinos that accept US players.

However, problems can arise at even the most reputable online casinos.

For example, some New Jersey casino sites have received warnings for promoting reverse withdrawals. Players complained about two-week payouts and receiving incentives to cancel their withdrawal requests.

This situation shows the power of proper licencing and regulation behind safe online casino gambling when the Gaming Enforcement department gets involved.

The advisory bulletin is the first step, and you can rest assured that additional action will follow in the event of non-compliance.

What else do secure casino sites do?

Licenses and regulations are essential. But there is more than just that involved in safe online real-money gambling.

  • Gambling Control Issues


  • Game audits


  • Segregated funds


  • Privacy Policy


  • Site Security


  • Trusted Partners


  • Fair Bonuses


  • Transparency


  • Updated software

Now let’s talk about each of these.

Gambling Control Issues

You may see a logo or an ad for trouble betting agencies on your favourite betting sites. But trusted online casinos go way beyond an advertisement. They offer a variety of self-imposed limits or exclusions.

There are a few ways safe gambling sites keep players within their means.

Low Deposit Limits

The average daily deposit limits are somewhere between 2,500 and 3,000. Safe casino sites stick to that relatively lower limit. If you’re worried about going over your budget, stay away from high-roller online casinos, which allow deposits of $10,000 or more.

Player Tools

The safest real-money online casinos provide every user with various gambling control tools in their account area. Players can limit the frequency and amount of their deposits and must also be able to set session time limits.


One of the best gambling control tools is the option to self-exclude for a period of time. That means players will want to deny access to the site for ten days, a month, or even longer. Of course, there is no stopping anyone from opening a new gambling account and playing elsewhere. Nevertheless, reputable online casinos still offer the service.

No chargebacks

Some betting committees have taken reverse withdrawals off the table. In other locations, trusted online casinos do not allow players to change their mind after submitting withdrawal requests.

Game audits

While game audits are also necessary for fair gaming practices, you should know that safe casinos are more than just operators or websites.

They also include the game providers and software. If you see recognisable games from top developers, such as Microgaming or Playtech, you already have a certain degree of certainty.

But game audits keep operations on track. They include technical testing, regulatory requirements, a rating of jackpot payouts, random number generation accuracy (RTP and RNG audits), and data integrity.

The bottom line is that game audits verify that real-money online gambling is fair for every player.

Segregated funds

If you’ve ever made a down payment to move into a rental home, you know that the owner or landlord needs to put that money in a separate account. It should stay put until you leave.

If the landlord uses it, there’s no guarantee you’ll get what you owe.

It’s the same scenario for gambling sites. Most reputable casino operators have separate accounts for players’ deposits and winnings, with enough money to cover payouts.


If you read casino reviews or see patterns in player feedback that mention longer payout turnaround times, treat that as a red flag.

Privacy Policy

The safest casino gambling sites will post a privacy policy, either through a separate link or within the terms and conditions.

The privacy policy should state whether your information will be sold or shared at any time.

In many parts of the world, such as throughout Europe, a privacy policy is mandatory for all websites.

Site Security

This aspect of finding safe online casino sites should apply to every website you visit.

Site security includes the website itself and the payment processing performed through the website. One of the first things to look for when opening an online casino is a lock next to the URL (at the top of your screen).

If you don’t see that slot, or worse, if you get a warning about the site’s security, your best bet is to move on and find a safe casino. The lock indicates that the site has a valid security certificate.

Another way to identify a safe casino is to check the URL for “HTTP” or “HTTPS”. If a website has an SSL (secure sockets layer), or security certificate, it starts with HTTPS.

Site security also extends to payment processing. Even some of the safest real money casino sites don’t always list payment processing information in the footer area.

However, you should see some mention of secure transactions in the terms and conditions or banking page.

Trusted Partners

The same holds true for casino websites.Therefore, part of the licencing and regulatory requirements includes a list of partners.

We are talking about the whole “team” of the partnership. Online casino partners include software providers for the games, age identity, fraud detection, geolocation services, payment processing, and customer service.

Safe online casinos work with reputable, reliable, and legit partners.

Trusted partners also extend to the banking solutions offered by the casino. Your deposit options can also be reassuring when you’re trying to figure out which online casinos actually pay out and are legit.

For example, an e-wallet service like PayPal discriminates against its partnerships. If a gambling site lists PayPal as a banking option, it’s much less likely to be a “fly-by-night” service.

Fair bonuses (no predatory terms)

The safest casinos are not out to cheat their customers with banking, gaming, or bonus programs.

Rollovers are just a fact in the virtual gambling world, so it’s almost impossible to get around them.

However, really high wagering requirements like X60 on your deposit and your bonus will not leave you feeling warm and fuzzy about the operator.

That’s borderline predatory. And predatory bonus terms and other incentives for players are enough to put a casino operator on our blacklist.


If you see bonuses with unreasonable bonus terms, you may want to use the rest of the service again. You have other options.


One of the first things we look for when reviewing an online casino is transparency. It’s easy to tell when a gambling site has something to hide, as that footer is either relatively empty or full of broken links.

The safest online casinos for real money action, especially after licencing and regulation, banking options, and fair gaming practices.

The terms and conditions page should be legally straightforward and include everything you want to know, including banking options, fees, and turnaround times. You should also see the policy for jackpot wins, bonuses, and wagering requirements.

If you open the terms and conditions page and the information is limited or vague, you should pause.

Updated software—Maintenance of the website

If you’re looking for legit online casinos, don’t dive deep into website programming.

However, you should know that the best operators ensure fast-loading secure sites with modern images and up-to-date information.

Failure to pay attention puts players at risk of security breaches. Sometimes all it takes is a look to see if a website is being maintained or just left on its own to generate money for the owner.

Reliable software providers for online casinos:


When you walk into a land-based casino, it’s a safe bet that you don’t look at the sides of the slot machines for technical information, such as the manufacturer.

But if you’re playing in online casinos, one helpful tip for making sure you’re using the best and safest online casinos is to research the game providers.

The top-rated casino software providers are licenced across multiple jurisdictions and have an excellent reputation. You can look at Microgaming as an example.

Microgaming is the studio where it all started in online gaming. It was the first to come out with secure mobile casino gameplay and millionaire-tasting virtual slots.

Their Mega Moolah series has broken Guinness World Records for the biggest online slot jackpot prizes of all time (over £13 million and climbing).

And even more impressive, players who win big on Microgaming games receive their money in full without having to jump through any hoops.

Benefits of reputable software in online casinos

  • Progressive jackpots are paid on time and in full.
  • Certified RNG (random number generator) and RTP (return to player percentage)
  • Multi-platform development
  • Top software companies discriminate against casino partners (secure casinos + secure software).
  • Give players relatively high RTP slots (96% and above).
  • Most games are included in bonus programs.
  • A modern, high-tech gaming experience.
  • Games are free of malware.

The safest online casinos are only as safe as you.


It doesn’t matter if you use the safest online casinos or trusted real-money casino apps. If you don’t do your due diligence, you are still open to hacking and data theft, including your banking information.

You could call this a guide to “safe online (fill in the blank)” rather than just “safe online casinos” because you play a prominent role in how safe you are when using the internet.

There are a few things to consider before registering and using an online gambling account.

Now let’s talk about each.

Keep your computer or mobile device safe!

There is no need to have the latest iPhone that just came out every year or buy a new computer.

But if you have older equipment, keep in mind software updates, antivirus protection, and other security measures.

Older hardware or software that has not been continuously updated is vulnerable to hacking. If your casino login and banking information are made public, you could end up in a lot of trouble.

So you may be using a legit, high-rated online casino to keep your information safe and secure, but it’s unprotected on your end.

Use a secure WiFi connection.

It doesn’t matter if you visit online casino sites or mobile gambling apps from the comfort of your home, over your private Wi-Fi connection.

If you haven’t secured your connection with quality passwords, you’re asking for a virtual invasion.

There are quite a few people who plug in their modem and Wi-Fi router under the assumption that it is safe. Meanwhile, the whole neighbourhood has access.

Avoid using free connections.

It’s tempting to sit in a coffee shop or waiting room and use free WiFi to save some data on your smartphone.

However, if you plan on using real-money casino apps, you may want to reconsider your plan.

Using a public internet connection is not wise in many cases, as it immediately eliminates a few layers of site security.


If you are betting online for real money and you have a login, personal information, and deposit method stored in the player accounts, it is a bad idea to use public connections.

Use strong passwords.

Another best practise to keep your information safe is to create your casino betting account with a complex password with different types of characters.

Then follow up by changing that password regularly.

Activate your browser’s privacy settings.

Online casinos have different security measures, so this tip won’t always work.

However, if possible, access your go-to gambling site from a browser with all privacy settings enabled.

It is another security measure to ensure that you do everything possible to play online casino games safely.

Turn off your Bluetooth.

You might not even think about this if you’re used to having Bluetooth on to connect to your car or other equipment.

But if you’re in a public place or have neighbours within range, you’ll want to turn off your Bluetooth. It can even expose you if you use safe online casinos and safe casino apps.

How do you find a reliable online casino?

We discussed the licencing and regulations for online casinos, measures that the safest online casino sites adopt, and what players can do to prevent hacking and data theft.

You now know what to look out for and what to do to ensure safe online gambling with real money. The next step is narrowing the field to get to the most reliable and honest casino operators.

To do that, you need to differentiate between findings, reviews, and recommendations that are worthy of your time and attention and those that are fluff, disgruntled players, or just website filler.


When to rely on player impressions?


An isolated single-player review may not always be the best source. Keep in mind that we live in a world where people like to express their opinions loudly.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a children’s charity. Someone is going to have something negative to say.

And remember, we’re talking about gambling here. You could run the most honest online casino with superior gambling and customer service. But if someone loses money in your casino, they will complain about it.

Does this mean you can’t rely on player feedback?

new. But feedback patterns are much more reliable.

If you see multiple reports of slow payments or spam emails, or an issue that detracts from a safe online casino experience, please rate them.

But a one-off isn’t always reliable unless it’s based on facts and figures and tells a complete story.

Not all online casino reviews are reliable.

Not all player reviews are reliable, and neither are all review sites. We know this because we’ve been in the industry for years and pride ourselves on accuracy and reliability.

During your search for safe online casinos for real money, you may have come across vague or inaccurate reviews or noticed that the same information is repeated on different websites.

There are review sites that don’t even run their own evaluations, which doesn’t instil confidence in the data they provide.

They intend to generate hits for their website, so they recycle other people’s work without checking facts or, worse, publishing made-up information.

Our Process for Finding Safe Online Casinos

You are reading this to find the safest online casinos, so recommendations are important. We take our endorsements seriously and only get to them after an extensive (and ongoing) process.

We’ve devoted an entire page to our rating and ranking process, but our overall rating process includes the following.

  • Owners and Operators’ Background Check
  • Identification of sister casino sites
  • License Verification
  • Fair Gaming Certification (RNG Test Verification)
  • Documenting first impressions of the casino
  • Site security, payment processing, and other safe casino practises are all being assessed.
  • Software Vendor
  • Bank options
  • Financial costs, lead times, and limits
  • Transparency of terms and conditions
  • Customer service quality and availability
  • An assortment of real-money casino games
  • Payout Restrictions: Are jackpots paid out in full or with weekly payout restrictions?
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Requirements for wagering bonuses

If you search our site, you will come across recommendations for top-rated online casinos, best casinos for fast payouts, and, of course, safe casino gambling sites online.

We keep our rankings short and to the point.

And all the casinos on our list are backed by detailed reviews.

Our evaluations are prepared by experts who have followed gambling and online gambling for decades.

They have extensive industry knowledge and keep abreast of the ins and outs of new casinos, owners, and game providers; the expertise of the team determines the quality of every casino evaluation. They know what safe online gambling sites look like.

However, one review is not the end of the story. We constantly review and update our information so that readers always have the most accurate findings.

How do you know you can trust a casino review?

It’s all about the details. Proper online casino reviews specify all aspects of the operation rather than give vague impressions or copy details from another website.

The best online casino reviews contain the following information:

  • Ownership and licences
  • Legal information
  • Accurate banking
  • Current player incentives
  • Bonus conditions
  • gaming software
  • number of games, as well as a variety of games
  • Mobile access
  • Customer service details
  • Overall rating

Avoid the Online Casino Rogues Gallery.

The term “Rogues’ Gallery” dates back to the 1800s. The Pinkerton Detective Agency and then the New York City Police Department used it to describe their collections of mugshots.

In the 20th century, comic book heroes like Batman faced off with their own Rogues Gallery, featuring super villains like The Joker, Penguin, and The Riddler.

Today, there is a new Rogues Gallery made up of online casinos that are anything but safe. It’s like a mugshot book for players, warning them to stay away.

This online casino’s Rogues Gallery is also known as a casino blacklist.

There are quite a few reasons why a gambling site could be added to a “Rogues Gallery”.

  • No payouts (players or affiliates)
  • Pays slowly
  • Bonus manipulation
  • Selling or sharing players’ personal information
  • Pirated software
  • Fake licences
  • Malware

To make sure you choose the safest real-money online casinos, avoid rogue online casinos.

The best way to do that is to check our casino blacklist before joining any site not recommended here.

Of course, you don’t even have to do that if you’re only a member of the most trusted online casinos-like the safe casinos and real-money gambling apps listed at the top of this page.

Online Casino Safety FAQ

Are Online Casinos Really Safe?

There are plenty of legit online casinos that are completely safe to use.We can’t say all online casinos are safe, but avoiding the shady ones isn’t that hard if you do a little due diligence.

Do online casinos protect my privacy?

The most reputable online casinos not only post detailed privacy policies, but adhere to them so that your personal information is safe.

How do online casinos keep my data safe?

The best online casinos use the latest security measures to keep your information safe.These include the use of high-level encryption techniques when processing financial transactions.

Which Online Casinos Are Legitimate?

Safe online casinos licenced and regulated by quality gambling authorities have the best reputation.They use licenced gaming software, offer various banking options, pay on time, and have responsive customer service.

What is the safest banking option for online casino gambling?

Safe online casinos ONLY offer banking options that are completely safe to use.That said, using Bitcoin has additional levels of security that make it the most secure of all options.

Are online casinos manipulated?

Licensed online casinos are tested by private labs for random number generation and player percentage returns. They are regulated and offer legit and fair gambling opportunities.However, keep an eye out for lists of blacklisted or rogue online casinos, as they frequently have counterfeit games and should be avoided.

Can casino sites be trusted to pay out winnings?

Yes. Using the safest online casinos we recommend, or other legit gambling sites, will get you your winnings.Some pay faster than others, but they all pay.

Why do casinos ask for your social security number?

Providing a social security number to a casino is a common practice. Depending on the jurisdiction and betting limits, this may be a legal requirement. For example, the safest online casinos for US players (within-state regulations) report jackpot winnings to the IRS. However, you may not be asked for the full number beforehand. Many online operators use the last four digits for age and identity verification.

How do I find safe real-money casinos online?

The safest online casinos are licenced and regulated by a top-notch agency. They value transparency and make available copies of their licenses, game test records, terms and conditions, banking and bonus structures, and game providers.We’ve compiled a list of some of the safest online casinos based on extensive reviews, background checks, and continuous monitoring that can speed up your search.

What is the most trusted online casino?

Our ranking of safe online casinos is regularly updated to take into account several important factors. The best-ranked site at any given time is what we consider to be the most trusted online casino.